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FROOZE BALLS – 30% off NEW Nut Butter Frooze Balls Variety Packs

$14.99 $10.49
Enjoy 30% off your first variety box of Nut Butter Frooze Balls. These yummy balls of goodness were created in the kitchen of New Zealand's plant-based cafes, Revive. Certified non-GMO, gluten-free, no added sugar, and 100% plant-based make these a great clean snacking choice.  

GLOW BEVERAGES – 30% Off GLOW Sparkling Infused Beverages

$28.99 $20.29
Each GLOW has a thoughtful blend of vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, amino acids & electrolytes. This combination of ingredients works to help detoxify the body, support liver health and boost mood & immunity. Use code WELLNESSMONTH2019 at checkout for 30% off on any GLOW Beverages purchase. Visit .

Green Tomato Grill – BOGO Dinner Deal

$30.00 $15.00
Pop into your neighborhood GTG any evening after 4pm during Wellness Month for eating healthy and delicious is even better with friends Offer is valid at all locations and online after 4pm with code "WellnessMonth2019"

Kye’s Montana – 30% off any Kyerito!

$13.00 $9.00
A handheld bowl or salad, naturally wheat free, easily vegan or Paleo — get your recommended daily allowance of tasty goodness no matter which KyeRito you crave. These wraps are portable, craveable, and sustainably farmed. Mention "Wellness Month" when you stop in!

MATI Energy – 30% off MATI Sparkling Organic Energy Drinks

$28.00 $20.00
MATI exists to help people achieve their (natural) potential by providing a sustained level of healthy energy without the spike and crash of other energy alternatives. MATI is an organic, all-natural blend of craft-brewed guayusa and fruit juices with no added sugar or sweeteners. Shop OUR STORE and enter code "wellnessmonth" at checkout to receive 30% off your order of MATI.  

Pure Inventions Water Infusion Drops – 30% Off Coconut Water And Chocolate Coconut Water

$21.99 $14.69
Delicious tasting Coconut Water Infusion drops for healthy hydration no sugar, calories, caffeine or artificial sweeteners! - Delicious mixed in cold or sparkling water add fresh lime and mint for a healthy Mojito! Try our Chocolate Coconut Water helps satisfy your sweet tooth and helps you to drink your 8 glasses of water each day! Each convenient on the go bottle makes 30 beverages! use code: wellnessmonth2019 at checkout